Welcome to my blog!

The point of this blog is to act as a record, journal, sounding board, and ‘idea nebula’ – hence the space theme, plus space is just cool – following my journey to build a successful and fulfilling creative career.

I am what has been labelled in current social discourse as a ‘slashie’ – someone who is pursuing a creative career in several different areas/mediums. In my case, I am a freelance writer/actor/aspiring novelist.

Each of my posts will be categorised and tagged depending on which creative career I am writing about – acting, freelance writing, novel writing, as well as ruminations on the idea of the slashie, and how I avoid creative burnout, a condition I have been on intimate terms with during the past two years while pursuing my PhD.

I hope that this blog helps me organise my thoughts and inspires reflection, and helps anybody in a similar position to me: trying to live a creative life.

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